District Marketing Plan

Retention/Attention: The Mount Greenwood Community and Business Association will continue to support the current businesses with shop local campaigns throughout the year as well as events specifically targeted for the businesses. We will also assist businesses through seminars and networking events. We will continue to promote city wide programs like SBIF, contacting BACP, and Navigating the City’s Website. As far as retention, MGCBA maintains a current vacancy list with correct information for potential clients. Those vacancies are also on ROFO. We maintain relationships with building owners and representing agents of vacant properties. Together with the other local delegate agencies and the ward office, we meet monthly at Task Force. At Task Force we discuss our vacancies and any new news, happenings, or potential new development that is going on with them.

Strategy for Retention/Attraction Plan: We will continue with all of the actions for our Retention/Attraction Strategy listed above. We are also going to add some promotional events throughout the year to assist.

Safety Strategy: MGCBA’s Neighborhood Safety Strategy is to maintain a good working relationship with our Commander and our local officers including our beat officer. Our beat officer checks in weekly to discuss any problems he feels like the businesses are having. We are very fortunate to live in low crime neighborhood. We also host 1-2 Safety Seminars a year for the business owners to make them aware of different things they can do to maintain safety. This year is set to be an Internet Safety Seminar.

Communications/Media Strategy: We maintain a newsletter, Facebook, twitter, website, local newspapers and reporters.